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In short

With a wide network of online stores spread around the world and a huge database of ceramic tile store owners, we are one of the biggest ceramic tile distribution companies in the world. And we are definitely the biggest company in ceramic tile industry when it comes to modern technologies and online sales. We are in tile business since 1985 and with our experiences and good relationships with many different producers we offer a wide selection of high quality tile and bathroom ware products at best possible prices.

In long

It all started in the beginning of 1985 when a small familly company called Merilly d.o.o. (Merilly) entered the world of ceramic tiles. From the very beginning, Merilly acted as an agent/representative for different companies that were producing ceramic tiles of different qualities and styles. Merilly promoted their products to different shops in different cities, creating a strong sales network that enabled it to become one of the biggest wholesalers in South-East Europe.

The origin of the company is in Slovenia, from where network expanded to territory of current Croatia in 1986. Before that market was fully covered Merilly created first connections in territories of Serbia and Bosnia and sold first few trucks to that market in 1987. Business path then led Merilly to Macedonia in 1988 and current Montenegro in 1989.

Then hard times came for market of Balcan and growth slowed down alot. Luckly nature of business as a wholesaler enabled Merilly to survive the period of disintegration of Yugoslavia without any big loses in investments since Merilly did not own any shops at that time. Then still very small company managed to survive of Slovenian market, which was not hit by any real wars.

As this area has stabilized Merilly was already there with its network of stores and producers of ceramic tiles to satisfy different needs. This was the age of prosperity for Merilly and in 1997 it opened its first retail shop in Slovenia. However very soon after that that shop was closed due to ROI being much lower that ROI was in Merilly's core business (representing different producers as an agent). That is why Merilly focused its time and money back to conquering new markets.

In 2005 first connections were made in Slovakia and next in Czech Republic in 2006. 2005 was not important only for entering Slovakia, but also for entering the World Wide Web. On 4th of April 2005, Merilly registered domain name, which was Merilly's first online endeavour. Purpose of was very similar to, which is the global brand of e-Ceramica joining together everything and everyone doing business in ceramic tile industry. The response of the market was very nice and traffic of the site grew every day. But due to lack of experiences online Merilly did not manage to monetize this story of success and therefore was changed from a directory of information into a first online shop of ceramic tiles. This online shop was soon expanded to which means ceramic tiles in Slovene language. This shop of ceramic tiles was then followed with, which is an online shop of ceramic tiles for whole Balcan.

In this era of online growth new name was introduced to world of ceramics, e-Ceramica. e-Ceramica is now the name of Merilly's projects online and offline. It is the name that represents joined network of producers, stores, fitters and architects. e-Ceramica is a cover name for many brands such as (meta market), Intramics (intanet solution for companies in tile industry), (web store), and many others. Please look below for more information regarding our brands.

e-Ceramica is now present in 50 countries worldwide and it supplies over 500 physical stores. 25 years of experiences enable Merilly to successfully run many online and offline projects and we are starting new ones all the time. Take a look at the Join us section to learn more about ways you can connect with us. Together we are stronger!

Why should you let us sell your products?

Networking is a very important ingredient of every successful business. Practically every company regardless its size has some suppliers, partners, marketing support agencies, etc. which directly or indirectly contribute to their success stories. With a wide network of online stores spread around the world and a huge database of ceramic tile store owners, we can help you reach millions of B2B and B2C customers in more or less any country in the world. Future is online and there is no one that can represent you online better than we can. Our strong authority and reputation on the market makes us a very credible and recognizable partner.

What can we do for you?

To put it simply, we can sell your products online worldwide or offer online sales support to your local agents. We are not producing tiles. We are specialized in distribution and we focus all our resources into developing high quality and technologically advanced marketing channels. Due to our experiences in tile industry and e-commerce we added some services to each package that will increase your revenue and add value to your brand online. Please take a look below to see which package suits you the most and please take a look at to see how our web stores look like.


All prices below are per 6 months. There is no commission included on any order that comes from our store in monthly packages, you keep the commission for yourself! You will find what is included in each package under that package name and price. On your second order we offer you a 50% discount on all packages except starter, in case you prolong your package 15 days before its expiry date.

Starter package – 100 EUR + VAT

Bronze package – 200 EUR + VAT

Silver package – 800 EUR + VAT

Golden package – 1500 EUR + VAT

Premium package – 5000 EUR + VAT

We own many online stores in many different markets. Every online store serves one specific market. Number of online stores limitation inside each package therefore actually means number of markets you can sell your products in.

You may select in which online stores/which markets you would like to publish your products from our list of countries here. You can contact us via e-mail or call us at +386 41 684 696.

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  • Azulejo Espanol
  • Azulejos Mijares
  • Azuliber
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  • Cerámicas Apavisa
  • Cerámicas Borja
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  • Ceramica Calaf
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  • Cerámicas MYR
  • Ceramiche Keope
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  • El molino
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  • Ibero Porcelanico
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  • Iris
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